How to use this guide

Tap or click the signs over the game screen image. An article detailing each icon, button or panel of the in-game HUD will be displayed here.

Quick Tips

Here are some usefull information to become a Pro Raider!

Travel Worldwide!

There are two ways to travel to another map:the travel signs at the map borders (free) and the helicopter (200 credits).

Design your base!

Use the Building Marks to position and rotate walls before building.

Fix your gear!

Use the express shop button on the top to restore your equipment in exchange of some credits.

Join (or create) a Clan!

When in a clan you'll become part of a team and will be able to capture all the control points, share items and utilities and compete for the ranking.

Register your account!

If you're not registered yet, log in with Google+ or Facebook to join clans, save your game session, change name and more.

Capture Control points!

Capturing Control Points and building around them is the best way to make a safe base. Build inside it's range for extra protection. Valuable crates will arrive from time to time, so be sure to check inside the bunker often.

Restore Structures!

Use Engineer tools (wrench, toolkit, power tool) to restore structures, utilities and traps.

Farming grants sustainability!

Farm bamboos for arrow materials, corn for food, cotton for medicines and bandages. Farms will generate resources for a long time.

Secure your Items!

Craft a Safe to have all your items secured. Safes are personal and the content is stored in the server. That means every safe you craft will restore the same items you put there, no matter where or when.

Get a companion!

You can tame puppy wolves using bones, hire a medic or a mercenary. They will follow, fight alongside and heal you and your team.

Increase your XP!

Reach XP level 3 to unlock the best weapons and gear. To increase XP you must kill enemies and complete quests.

Hands-free Illumination!

All the Tier 3 helmets are equipped with a flashlight, so you don't have to carry one in your hand during nights.