Game Features

The year is 1981. A secret lab just finished the most powerful weapon ever created, a chemical product called Compound-Z, capable of mutating a human body – alive or even dead – into mindless warriors, killed only by having their brains destroyed. Soon after, a huge container of C-Z was stolen by a terrorist paramilitary organization, and that started a war that involved the whole Earth.

C-Z was released in the athmosphere, contaminating 80% of the population, turning them into Zombies, as they were usually called by the remaining 20%, now living underground or behind fortified walls. From the remains of human kind, groups of survivors, called “Raiders” decided to surface and fight the zombies, to clean the earth from this menace and reclaim the planet for the living. For that, they must collect resources, scavenge cities, organize groups, clans, create forts and wipe away the zombie menace forever. They can count on the Antidote-Z, a rare and valuable potion that can revert the C-Z effect on humans.

Huge Earth Map

Explore and scavenge all regions of the planet in a huge sandbox world.

Online Multiplayer

Play with friends on a built-in clan and communication system.

Craft and Build

Make your own weapons tools and utilities, build and secure your base.

Some of the things you may find in the game:


small yard with a few graves generating undead.

Wolf den

spawns puppies and wild wolves. you can find bones and tame a wolf.

Hogs den

find wild hogs and capture cubs to farm meat.

Marauder camps

spawn new marauders and increase in size and population if not attacked. Search their main structure to find helpful goods.


help him and he can follow and cure you when you’re low on health.


help him and he can follow and fight alongisde you.

Toxic Crates

Randomly spawned at the map, A transport truck containig C-Z barrels and class supplies turned sideways and spilled infection in the ground, creating smash, spit or spray mutants.

Control Points

Abandoned military outposts spread around the map can be captured by clan members and anexed as the clan’s territory.

Merchant carts

Clear the surrounding zombies and pick valuable stuff from it.